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The U.S. Coast Guard maintains detailed statistics on all reported recreational boating safety accidents and incidents throughout the United States and its territories. Access published reports here.

Accident Statistics

A state-by-state look at boating accident statistics in U.S. waters.

Search Data

A search engine that allows you to produce tables and charts using accident data.

National Life Jacket Wear Rate Observational Study

Results of the latest study on life jacket wear. Data includes comparisons of wear rates from 1998 through 2015.

Recent Research on Recreational Boating Accidents and the Contribution of Boating Under the Influence

Recent research on the contribution of boating under the influence on boating accident.

National Recreational Boating Safety Survey

The results of a Coast Guard survey of nearly 26,000 recreational boat operators.

Education Quick Phase In Study

This study compares States implementing a "Quick Phase-In" approach to boating safety education versus States with other boater education policies.