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Carbon Monoxide

Downloadable Educational Tools

These tools relating to carbon monoxide are provided for use by anyone wishing to promote boating safety.

A comprehensive yet easy-to-understand brochure about the dangers of carbon monoxide, how it may accumulate, and ways to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

PDF version (4.2 MB)

Use this to help educate others about the threat of carbon monoxide both inside and outside their boats.

PDF version (8.5x11) | PDF version (11x17)

Print Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Send to your local newspapers, community boating publications, and newsletters, or any local print media outlet or publication that may have recreational boaters as readers. PSAs are typically run free of charge. Coming Soon!

Print onto adhesive backing to create your own CO warning decals. Place them near exhaust outlets to warn about the hazards of CO poisoning. For best results, ask your local print shop to download these and create customized labels.

NW204-08 (PDF) – CO Warning, white with orange warning stripe, general warning with instructions to see owners manual

NW205-08 (PDF) – CO Warning, white with orange warning stripe, general warning with CO detector instructions

NW206-08 (PDF) – CO Warning, white with red danger stripe, general warning with focus on boaters

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat
or the free Abobe Reader.