In an average year, approximately 200 to 250 non-fatal injuries are reported as a result of a person being struck by the propeller and/or propulsion unit of their boat. These non-fatal injuries are life changing. Further -- an additional 25 - 35 deaths are reported each year as a result of these accidents.  A variety of technologies are available that should be considered by recreational boaters when they are considering means for reducing the risk of propeller-related injuries while boating. Please see our Prop Strikes informational brochure, available to help boaters understand the risk of propeller injury, and to provide safety tips. 

Propeller Injury Avoidance Technology

Propeller injury avoidance control technologies can be categorized as, guards, alternative propulsion, interlocks, and sensors. Each of these types of technology can be suitable in certain circumstances for particular types of boats. 
For more information on propeller injury avoidance control technology please visit:

There are several types of boat propeller injury avoidance technologies, we encourage you to visit the websites below and explore your boating safety options.

MariTech Industries has information regarding several types of Propeller Injury Avoidance technologies including:
The Swim Guard:

The Swim Guard Pro:
The Prop Stopper:

Prop Guard Marine builds propeller guards that help prevent injuries, for more information please visit:


Federal Requirements for Injury Avoidance Measures

The U.S. Coast Guard received requests from the National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC), propeller strike prevention organizations, and the general public to require installation of propeller guards on recreational houseboats and other displacement (non-planing) vessels, including those leased by livery operations. After consideration of public input and consultation with the National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC), we determined that we should promulgate regulations.  To view the EPA website page pertaining to these regulations please visit:



General Information About Boat Propellers

Boat propellers can be described by a set of three basic numbers. They are outside diameter, pitch, and number of blades. The first two values detailing size are usually found on the propeller hub, an example being 15 X 19. The first number is diameter, and the second is propeller pitch. To read more information regarding boat propellers please visit:

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