Number 16CG054S   MIC: WZX
Company: RIGID BOAT CO INC   Company Official: PLC
Model Name: 12' Fiberglass Fish   Model Year: 2015
Problem 1: SAFE LOADING MAX WT      
Problem 2: LEVEL FLOTATION      
HIN WZXXF130L515   Case Open Date: 3/2/2016
Disposition: OPEN   Case Close Date:
Units   Campaign Open Date
Boat Type   Campaign Close Date
Severity:   Last Date: 11/15/2017
"(1) The persons capacity in a whole number was less than on-half inch in height and not twice the height of the words and other numbers in the line “XX Persons or XXX Pounds”. (2) The hull identification number serial number included the letter ‘I’. The middle character of the serial number might have otherwise been read as the number ‘1’ but character eleven in the model year was clearly the number ‘1’ with the top flag; the straight line character in the serial number was thus assumed to be the letter ‘I’. BOAT TEST FAILED MAILED TEST DNR and CUR forms 3/4/16 - JT. MNF mailed in letter 5/26/16 JT.