Number 110045T   MIC:
Company: EZY GLIDE INC   Company Official: eaj
Model Name:   Model Year:
Problem 1: steering      
Problem 2:      
HIN   Case Open Date: 11/2/2011
Disposition: CLOSED   Case Close Date: 3/24/2014
Units 2000   Campaign Open Date 11/21/2011
Boat Type 11   Campaign Close Date 3/24/2014
Severity:   Last Date: 3/24/2014
steering lever may fail in boats with outboard engines ranging from 40-70 hp11/11/11 recall letter recieved and approved eaj11/21/11 DNR and CUR 1 recieved eaj2/13/12 CUR 2 recieved (mail) eaj5/25/12 CUR 3 Recieved eaj 212 of apx 2000 repaired7/30/12 CUR 4 Recieved 226 of apx 2000 repaired, 4 refused repair, 159 did not have problem. eaj12/19/12 E-mailed BR Padgett due to failure to submitt CUR 5. EZY glide replied they have new office manager and will have report to me soon. eaj1/11/13 CUR 5 Recieved 232 of 2000 repaired, 4 refused repair, 176 did not have the problem. eaj3/5/13 CUR 6 Recieved format wrong and no updated totals, informed mfgr of how to properly update. eaj6/25/13 CUR 7 Recieved 234 of 2000 repaired 214 did not contain the problem. Mfgr requested closing of campaign, since repairs are still currently being under taken the campaign will not be closed at this time. eaj3/24/14 CUR 8 - 234 of 2000 repaired. Due to lack of additional corrections or incedents over a year campaign will be closed. eaj