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Boating Safety Division Staff Listing

The U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Safety Division is charged with the important task of making boating safer for us all. Its many responsibilities include tracking boating accidents, looking for correlations among these incidents, recommending and implementing remedial measures, (such as recalls), and processing grants. The branches are:

  • Program Management & Operations Branch
  • Grants Management Branch
  • Recreational Boating Product Assurance Branch

CG-BSX-2 Staff Listing

Captain Scott L. Johnson Office Chief (CG-BSX)

Mr. Verne Gifford Division Chief (CG-BSX-2)
Mr. Theo Bennett Administrative Assistant

Program Management and Operations Branch (CG-BSX-21)

Mr. Donald Kerlin Branch Chief
Mr. Jeff Ludwig Regulation Development/NBSAC Coordinator
Mr. Barry Nobles Legislation Coordinator
Mrs. Susan Weber Statistician
Mr. Greg Stearns Financial Management
Mr. Vann Burgess Senior RBS Specialist
Mr. Joe Carro RBS Specialist
Mr. Jeff Decker RBS Specialist
Mrs. Kristin Williams RBS Specialist
Mr. Tom Dardis RBS Outreach Coordinator

Grants Management Branch (CG-BSX-22)

Mr. Pavlo Oborski Branch Chief
Mr. Jack Roberts Grants Management Specialist
Mrs. Lynne McMahon Grants Management Specialist
Mr. Gary Jensen Grants Management Specialist
Mr. Carlin Hertz Grants Management Specialist
Ms. Cynthia Dudzinski Grants Management Specialist

Recreational Boating Product Assurance Branch (CG-BSX-23)

Mr. Phil Cappel Branch Chief
Mr. Eric Johnson Engineering/Manufacturer Outreach
Mr. Po Chang Engineering/Manufacturer Outreach
Mr. Louis Novak Engineering/Manufacturer Outreach
Mr. Will Hillyer RBS Specialist
Mr. Kerry Freese Technical Writer
Safety Compliance Officer